Guide: What is Agile for IVD Product Development?

The IVD industry is increasingly challenged to deliver new instruments to market while dealing with slipping timelines, shrinking budgets and resource constraints. Adopting agile methodologies is one way instrument developers can overcome some of these challenges.

According to a 2016 industry survey, 40% of IVD companies reported using agile or other iterative approaches for product development. To help support companies as they begin to embrace agile methodologies beyond their software teams, Invetech has compiled a “Wikipedia-style” resource guide to help define what agile is for instrument development.

Included in this guide...

  • The history of agile and its evolution beyond software
  • Agile philosophy and how it can be applied to product development
  • Core principles central to embracing an agile approach for IVD instrument development
  • Tips for getting started and common pitfalls to avoid

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